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After a failed attempt to revive his fallen brothers, a lone wizard finds himself facing a horde of undead. To undo his mistake he must now fight his way through the jungle and put everyone to rest. 


W A S D - movement keys 

Space key - open skill menu 

Left/Right mouse click - shooting 

Cursor - aim 

Cheat code = press O and P keys together to level up instantly. 

Character Backstory:

Thousands of years ago, in a time of magic, ancient heroes and kings, a war spread through the world. One day the king summoned a clan of fearless and powerful wizards to help him turn the tide of war. Wizards were sent to find the source of power deep in the jungle. When the wizards arrived to the jungle, they discovered they are not alone. Soon they were ambushed by hundreds of enemy soldiers. After two days of what seemed like a never ending battle the enemy army was defeated, however only one wizard remained standing. With nothing left to lose he decided to do one thing he knew was wrong but filled with despair and sorrow he did it anyway. He used a necromancy ritual to revive his fallen brothers, but what he didn’t expect was that the nearby source of power would amplify and twist the spell and instead of reviving his brothers he accidentally reanimated the bodies of everyone in the whole jungle. To undo his mistake he must survive for as long as possible and put everyone to rest once again.

Game is in beta version and may contain some bugs.

Install instructions

Unzip and run .exe file


Zombie Jungle.zip 40 MB

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